My trip to Germany started a little…rough. I got to the airport and made my way to Berlin. I had to change planes once I got to Berlin and I thought I was going to miss my next plane. I got to the gate though and we ended up waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Only to find that the flight was delayed three hours. Okay. So I waited and when I was finally able to get on the plane, it was a bit of a rough flight. I guess what happened was that the plane had originally got to Frankfurt and they found something wrong with it, so they had to get a whole new plane and find a new crew. Either way, I got to Frankfurt in one piece…but my luggage didn’t. I had a terrible feeling that might happen. I can’t explain how ridiculous it all was. I was still waiting by the baggage claim when everyone else was gone and one of the workers came over and helped me fill out all the paper work for lost luggage. She told me my stuff was probably on the next flight from Berlin.

My bags still haven’t showed up. 

I really hope it comes soon because (an for those of you that know me really well, this will mean more to you) my pillow was in my suitcase. I don’t care about anything else in that bag, but if my pillow is lost forever…there will be a problem on Airberlin’s hands. Mark my words. Julia has been great though, letting me borrow some of her clothes so that I’m not wearing the same thing over and over again. We are also going shopping tomorrow, so I can get a thing or two while we are out. 

I’m staying positive! It will come eventually!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with Julia and her boyfriend Marlon. They took me to an ice hockey game in Mannheim and we had so much fun!






We enjoyed ourselves and were really tired by the time we got home. We watched Skyfall during dinner, but I fell asleep during the middle of it. I’ll have to try watching it again sometime!

Today we went to a cathedral that is pretty old and it was really cool. I haven’t put the pictures on my computer yet or I would show you all what it looked like. We rented an audio thing that told us information as we went through the cathedral. It was nice to hear some of the history and learn more than what we could just by looking. 

It was also Hans’ birthday today so we went and had coffee and cake. I love this family! They are all so wonderful and nice to be around. It’s great to see how they joke around with each other and laugh together. I love that I am here!

Can’t wait to see what else we will do!